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Our clients are our most treasured
asset, and we treat them so. 
It has been our fortune to be able
to provide a related set of services
valued by our customers.

Below represents a synopsis
of clients and services.

EDGE3 offers services relating to internet, data and graphics.  The many facets of a business encompass marketing, sales, operations, and administration - all of which utilize the related services that we offer.  You will see below the myriad of company types that we have worked with on web or data projects.  You benefit from our diversity.

Fact: The average site cost for the sites below is $550.00 You don't have to pay a lot to have a great looking, custom site.

Few website design firms have the ability to design for such a diverse client base.

  • gemologists to hydrologists
  • defense contractors to garden centers
  • cafes to law firms
  • business management firms to metal alloy companies
  • ocean environmental sites to logistic companies
  • manufacture reps to health sites
  • trucking companies to beauty sites
  • real estate professionals to dog spas
  • international toy sites to local plumbing sites
  • cupcake shoppes to retirement villages

Client Related Website Design Projects -
Below we have chosen sites that we have created that demonstrate the diverse nature of our clients and our ability to design sites that match in functionality with our design creativity.

Nj shore plumbing

When Jersey Shore Plumbing & Design LLC needed to have a
presence on the Internet, they turned to EDGE3.  They wanted
prospective customers to visit their website, understand their
capabilities and feel confident about calling them. 
Like their Jersey clients, they wanted a good at an honest price.
Visit the site, check out their talents, call to speak to
one of their experienced technicians.


ProConcepts LLC contacted us for an informational site on the
internet that used the same colors and graphic design used in their
current marketing materials and business cards.  They are very
pleased with the resulting site.  This service included DNS hosting
changes and email re-routing.


Smith Carriers Inc is a regional trucking company specializing in moving high value electronic equipment like CAT scanning equip, copiers & mainframe computers.  We designed their internal database systems as well as their website. 
Both are maintained by EDGE3.


Hunters Brook is a home owners association in Hackettstown, NJ. 
The HOA needed a conveneint way to communicate with the
neighborhood families, regarding, budgets, rules, notices and
general announcements.

landscaping by stone hedge

Stone Hedge Landscaping is a small business based out of
Hackettstown NJ that provides premium hard scape and
soft scape landscaping services in the region.  They also
operate a wonderfully stocked garden center.

Marco Puma Art

Marco Puma is a creative New York artist with a truely distinctive art style. 
Fairly new to the art scene, his captive works will enhance any wall.
Have a look at his gallery, or speak to him
regarding a unique work that you might commission.

Party Stars

Illuminate Your Journey through all of the special
occasions in life.  This company came to us and needed a
special site to showw of allof their lighted star products and how
they have been used by so many people and organizations.
Check out their products, they are really cool !!

Canterbury Village

Canterbury Village in West Orange, New Jersey is one of the areas most experienced Senior Assisted Living Residences in the metropolitan area. They have been providing seniors with quality care and housing services since 1921. Canterbury Village boasts the advantages of assisted living in a manageable environment of only fifty-three residents.  we are proud to have helped this facility strut their stuff!

Peter Bono

Peter Bono is a illustrator for political, business, and general population magazines and other projects requiring a talented, cutting edge illustrator.   Contact Peter if you need art ideas profoundly expressed in art!

Andrex Systems

Andrex Systems Inc is a defense contractor located in port Murray NJ.  Their clients are global in scope.  They build highly technical wiring structures and caling systems for US and foreign government contractors.  They contacted us after they saw the job we did building a website for a related company Flexco Micropwave, also in Port Murray.  This was a re-build of a current and very out dated site. 

Bestway truck Fairfield NJ

BestWay Trucking Inc. is a truck delivery service specialized in various type of mesenger services within the Greater New York Metropolitan area.  As their slogan says they can deliver anything from a truckload to an envelope.  They have asap service and later at great rates.  Theycontacted EDGE3 to do a re-make of their current 10 year old website.  Needless to say they and their customers love the new look.

Kids Junction

Kids Junction was designed as a free project to aid the cancer foundation at Hackettstown Hospital.  Every year the hospital runs an auction where local businesses donate products and services to be auctioned. This is a direct benefit to the Joan Knechel Cancer Center's operating fund.  To help out, EDGD3's contribution was a free website design.  The winner of that 2009 bid was a local childrens consignment shop named Kid's Junction.  The following site was designed using several of the owners ideas, keep the site really simple, give is a paper lunch bag color and use an old fashioned classroom picture,

Journey Freight

Journey Freight Brokers is an established alcohol and spirit beverage transportation company providing full service ABC deliveries throughout the United States.  They contacted us to create a conservative website that informed potential customers of the services that that have been providing current loyal customers for decades.  EDGE3 designed an attractive yet informative site to meet their goals.  We will also be providing marketing strategy, Google AdWords campaigns and email marketing pieces for the firm.


The quarter century old Logistxs Inc. is a third party transportation broker and is an industry leader in their field.  They requested a website redesign.  Their site was showing its age and sales staff was not happy about answering the question - ..what is your website address?"  So the company president gave EDGE3 a call to discuss where the next direction should be focused. 

We did a full redesign and am in the process of creating a full marketing solution for the 25 year old company including, branding, email marketing, direct mail programs, and Google AdWords campaign initiatives.  The site also includes a back end database that allows clients to track the delivery details of their shipments.  This is an on-going marketing project for EDGE3.

115 clover hill drive

A client approached us that were about to attempt to market their home in New Jersey, as a For Sale by Owner property.  We secured the domain name 115CloverHillDrive.com and began to assemble an attractive and informative website about the property.  This site will launch in early January 2011.  We will begin SEO operations and a Google Adwords campaign shortly after launch.

Heath Village - Hackettstown NJ

Heath Village contacted us regarding a website makeover.  Their current website was showing it's age and a whole new look was in order.  The old site was coded in a complex language called ColdFusion.  This environment is very unfriendly to average users. They also wanted to achieve a product that they would be able to maintain themselves.  EDGE3 worked with their communication director to design a site that really spoke about the Village.   We produced the new site using common HTML code and showed them how easily it would be to make most of the changes themselves.  The result was a new look and feel, abundant in images, and sporting a sharable activities calendar hosted by Google.  Have a look at the new site!  EDGE3 will be assisting Heath with their more complicated web needs, while they will be doing the routine day-to-day update without the need to constantly pay developers for changes.

Total Environmental
Total Environmental & Safety came to us for some SEO work (search engine optimization) to their new site but also to determine if there was a way to more easily maintain and update it themselves.  The site was originally designed using an unfriendly code call PHP.  We completely re-coded the site in the more popular and user friendly HTML.  Now Total will be using a Microsoft web application called Expression to easily make there own changes without the constant need to pay PHP developers to make changes.  They love the savings and efficiency of the new website.


LinkingB2B states that they are all about  "Bringing businesses together for their mutual benefit is our main mission.",  and "There is an unlimited number of ways for partnerships to work and this website provides ideas on how to identify, select and profit from these relationships."  They came to us to design a website that centered on connectivity.  We did a custom front page animation and chose to a classic symbol, the puzzle piece, to get out their message.  We also designed their business cards around the same theme.

Maxim Steel & Forge

Maxim Steel & Forge Inc., is a new corporate start-up.  The company contacted EDGE3 because they wanted to work with a local web design firm.  Maxim specializes in providing standard and exotic metal forgings to clients across the United States.  We provided maxim with a website that matches their posture, is easy to navigate and provides quality content.  EDGE3 also performed level 1 SEO for Maxim.

Cmere Cupcake

The C'mere Cupcake Shoppe of Hackettstown NJ was under new management.  They  contacted us in panic mode.  They needed a website that reflected the new retail style of the shop, and they needed it NOW.  We met with management at their shoppe and discussed what they need to have done.  The new site was up and operational in 48 hours.  They were completely surprised that we could provide this type of response and still come in under budget.  We also assisted them with setting up a WIFI network for their new customers.  needless to say they were thrilled.

Jewelry Appraisers and Consultants

Jewelry Appraisers & Consultants located in Red Bank, New Jersey was seeking a company to do a site upgrade.  They Having developed their site several years ago, it was time for a tune-up.  They chose EDGE3 for the job.  We worked with the owner and determined that many of their clients were professional law firms specializing in estate law.  This fact dictated the need for a conservative, to-the-point site that presented well.  Needless to say they were thrilled with the new look.  This website makes a statement about their professional confidence.

Andrex re-design

Andrex Inc is a small company with behemoth customers.  They produce high tech conduit and braided hose assemblies for well respected US companies.  They felt that their 10 year old site needed to be up-dated.  The communications  director of their parent company contacted EDGE3 to perform the redesign.  Needless to say they were excited to see their new internet image.


Designed FREE of CHARGE - Claudiabration was created to assist a local family with helping to cover the tremendous costs associated with getting treatment for their young daughter, afflicted with DIPG, a form of brain cancer that strikes very young children.  We donated our time and effort to create this donation site, please visit the site www. claudiaBRATION.com and donate to this family. 

 D&D Plumbing Heating and AC
D & D Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning LLC has been serving the tri-county areas of Warren, Morris, and Sussex counties in New Jersey for 15 plus years.  They desired a website to help promote their business and saw it as a better source of advertising and much more cost effective than traditional directory type listings.  They needed a website name that would be easy to remember, as much of this advertising would be painted on their trucks.  Edge3 came up with the domain name of www.CallDandD.com.  They loved it!

Toys From Russia

Shhh! Don't tell anyone yet, an expected site launch date has been planned for mid  2010. 
The client was looking to have a site developed that would sell international toys here in the United States.  We can't say too much yet but just wait for the launch.  It will have a full Google Shopping cart payment system and a parent blog.

4Paws Mobile Grooming Spa has a wide range of customers in northern New Jersey.
They needed a website to coordinate with their 4 pawed clientele and inform the
pet owners about their services.  EDGE3 created a basic and functional site for 4Paws.
The company will be adding 'client' photos shortly.

Vanguard Controls Inc., is an analytical device re-seller located in New Jersey.
We rebuilt their site, and designed a new interface for product display.
We provide site maintenance as well.

Clear Water Caribbean, Inc. ( an environment protection group)
provides pump-out locations to boat captains, needing sewage disposal in the area.
We rebuilt their site and provided a mapping interface for finding the ports.
This site is constantly being improved upon, with recent Google earth mapping
of key Caribbean ports, having a true GPS and satellite imaging.

Gallaghers plumbing and Heating Inc.

Gallagher's Plumbing and Heating Inc. has been serving the local Warren County region
for more than 20 plus years.  The company wanted to put forth an informative as well as
a user friendly - easy to look around - website.  They also wanted to showcase the latest line of high-efficiency products that they sell, install and maintain.  If you're looking for how-to emergency tips, look no further - you'll find them here long with a treasure trove of other information, including
a special section on 'Green Plumbing'!  Check out their recently re-designed site.

High-Def Water was seeking a website make over.  The company wanted to put forth a  professional site that is informative as well as easy to navigate.  High-Def Water supplies and install high-end water conditioning equipment for both commercial and residential customers in the general North Jersey Region.  The company also asked us to create a company slogan / tag line. Chosen was - ... water that's clearly defined.  This was a site rebuild and will be an ongoing project as High-Def Water adds additional content and features. The site was recently optimized for the best chance of high search engine results.

Flexco Microwave Inc is an indirect US defense contractor that provides high end cabling.
We did a full website rebuild as well as redesign their product presentation, and on-line
catalog.  We also provide on-going site maintenance.  We also provided an activated CD for their sales presentations at industry trade shows.

Gary Ribe is a high-producing New Jersey real estate sales professional for Weichert Realtors, and wanted a site that would showcase  his properties and provide value to perspective clients.  EDGE3 designed a professional site using a theme that closely matched that of Weichert's.  The site uses the latest frame embedding technology that displays Gary's other sites.

The legal firm of Richard Mapes asked us to design a professional looking site to display their areas of practice.  We created the domain name MapesLaw.com, designed the site and also maintain the site.  This site is in the early stages of development.

Logistxs Inc. is a third party freight management company, having clients all over the United States.  We designed, built, modified and maintain their corporate data systems, as well as designed and maintain their website.
The website provides a data back-end for their customer's convenience of obtaining freight information about their shipments.  We have also been petitioned to provide marketing material graphics and brochures for this fast growing company.  We also provide IT consulting.

A local landscaper and garden center contacted us about rebuilding their site after being disappointed with the basic cookie-cutter site provided by Verizon SuperPages.  Working with the owne, we were able to integrate both the retail side and the private landscaping service into one new site.  We added recent photos of client jobs to the site to show the firm's professional local work.  This site will now undergo a new design using new design and development techniques developed by EDGE3..

Genesis Life Secrets approached us with a new health concept and they wanted a website to take their idea to the internet.  We provided all HTML coding etc - while working with their designer in Florida.  We will soon be adding a shopping cart to the site to handle e-commerce.
This site is currently in the early stages of development.

We love working with designers.  We were contacted by a cosmetic and beauty practice about a site redesign.  So their Los Angles design firm is working with us as we put up the new site, this is a work in progress - as most projects should always be - always keep it fresh!  This site is in
early stages of development.

Norrie & Associates is a law firm in an International Trade Zone in New Jersey.  They provide provide estate law services to clients.  We designed their internet website, created all of the GIF animations, as well as have provided database services and UPS services to their systems & servers.  This site is in the late stages of development and subsequent publication.

Butler's Louisiana Kitchen is a unique NJ cafe specializing in Louisiana & Creole cuisine.
The owner needed a site that showed the flavor of the cafe.  We also worked with a production hose in Canada to obtain clip rights for singer Diana Krall, featured as background music on the site. EDGE3 also worked with the cafe to setup their WIFI network for business lunch guests.

All Steel Structure Inc. is a manufacturer of structural steel signs located in the Chicago-land area. We provided a website remake, since their current site was quite out-dated.  All graphics, animations and concepts were created by us.  The president wanted an easy solution to always have fresh photos of the company's current projects on the website without constantly paying to have a web developer (like us) add or change photos.  Our solution was to set up a Yahoo Flickr account that All Steel easily keeps there photo catalog, we embedded their photo site into their website.  They loved the solution and was amazed at how easy it is now to keep there photos always fresh! 

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