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The best part about having an office
database is NOT having to design it. 
All you need to do is call EDGE3.  We meet with you and your staff and discuss your needs.  Once we agree on a plan to design your new database, all you need to do is review and approve our work as we go!
How easy is that?

Microsoft® Office Access™ 2007, 2010, 2013, Office365
This database series is one of the most widely used data trackers in the world.
It is especially loved by small business for its ease of use and simple design. Yet you can be sure your data is secure and easily shared by the other users on your network.

No network? No problem. Access is very comfortable on a single PC.

Start tracking quickly. Includes a redesigned user interface and prebuilt database solutions that enable users with no coding expertise and very limited database knowledge to organize and track information more efficiently. Share information more effectively. Office Access 2007 integrates with Microsoft Office system technologies to make it easier to collect information from others and to share it in a security-enhanced environment on the Web. In other words, Excel shares with Access, Access shares with Word, Word shares with Outlook. All of the Office 2007 applications play well together. True harmony. Data Intelligence manage and audit your valuable information. Bring transparency to information management through revision history auditing, deleted data recovery and server-side manageability, and integration with Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services.

Alpha Software - AlphaFive®, Alpha 12 - AnyWhere
Microsoft SQL Server
(most versions)
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