EDGE3 Corporation Email Marketing


All you need to do is call EDGE3.  We will
discuss with you the details of your marketing
plan, and deliver, for your approval, an
email campaign that will target your
customers with a personally tailored
email using your database
and email addresses.

What exactly is - email marketing?

Please keep in mind that this is now a mature technology and widely used by successful companies - globally.

Although the term has taken on new meaning, basically it's normal email on steroids.  It is email that has color, grab-attention graphics, & active links back to your website or other sites.

It can also be intelligent.  It can understand who is reading it and any links that are clicked in the email can 'report' back to you.

We even provide statistics about number of emails that were opened, the number that were bounced back, and the number that the users have requested to be unsubscribed.

A note about pricing your campaign:

We also will need you to agree that email that we process on your behalf is not SPAM.
The document / agreement explains what is defined today as SPAM and will need to be accepted by your company.  Please have a look at the simple AGREEMENT.

The Look can be fully customized!

Using your company's graphics, logos and branding is simple and straight forward.  Using email marketing campaigns designed by EDGE3, will free you of the complexity of graphic designed email.  You simply work with us on the message and layout aspects and we do all of the necessary email programming at the server level.

So sending email to 50 or 50,000 is no problem.  You appear as professional as GM, by sending this type of email. 

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