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   EDGE3 offers complete royalty free graphic design.  We have many design projects completed that have been integrated into websites, automated e-cards, automated email marketing campaigns, promotional products, business cards, stationery, brochures, posters & art.

Poster Art -
Running an efficient business is mostly about communication.  Nothing communicates like graphics.  We can work with you to address many internal campaigns to handle concerns:
► Product Quality
► HR Issues
► Security Awareness
► Company Policy
► Stress Management
► Customer Service
► Plant Safety


Logos and Branded Graphics -

Don't exhaust your small business budget on a high-priced, logo creation, business card, stationery and branding graphics.  EDGE3 will work within your budget to provide the look and identity you're trying to achieve.


Web Animation -
Often times when a client's website is a few years old, the most important page is the home page.

Adding some simple animation to a header or elsewhere on the page or a slight re-design of that page provides the critical FIRST IMPRESSION to the customer, looking to learn about you through your website. 

EDGE3 can provide all the necessary royalty free photos, clip-art, sound-bytes, special fonts, or any other ELEMENTS necessary to achieve that component.

What's the cost?
Again, very simple.  You set the budget, period.  We will work on flat bid basis, or a pay as you go process.  There will be a small up-front fee to get us started.

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