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Just Getting Started? 
We'll keep you
 in the race.

    It's a RACE, that's for sure, and the goal is not finishing but staying in one of the leading positions.  Starting a business today is a great way to experience the full realm of human emotions: excitement, challenge, rejection, success, pride, pleasure, confidence, exhaustion, & fun.

Small business is tougher than ever now and you need an edge right from the beginning. It only makes good business sense to stay lean.  Most small start-ups will not hire high-skilled full time employees, yet they require these skills temporarily to get systems and processes in place. Part of your business plan should include farming out the early start-up projects critical to your business structure. Like any building - the foundation is key.
This approach makes sense. Keep in mind, it will be easier now than when you get busier! Whether designing your initial marketing material, office database or computer network, branded email, or your website, we have decades of business expertise to get your projects completed, in time and at the right price.

You may require any of the below services that we can assist with.

► Office PC Networks
► Logo Design
► PowerPoint Presentations
► Website Design, Flash, animated Gifs
► Internet Advertising
► Corporate Email Setup
► Branded Email Marketing
► Graphic Design Projects
► Disaster Preparedness
► Microsoft Office Orientation
► QuickBooks / MS Accounting 2008 Setup
► Remote Office
► Office Intranet—SharePoint
► File Sharing
► Data Backup
► Mobile Phone Email Synchronization \
► Secure Wireless Networks

Need to just talk to someone about any of these business aspects? Just call us;
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