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A prospective client
WILL attempt to find
you on the web.
Often times your website
is their first impression.


   Would you start a business without business cards?
A website is your internet business card.

EDGE3 offers complete website design and can coordinate with a Google AdWords campaign.  We also offer site maintenance and website makeovers.  If your site was created 3 or more years ago, it is time to freshen up your image. 
And, with EDGE3 you will always
OWN your domain name and control your website host. 

Google AdWords -
EDGE3 offers a full set of PPC (pay per click) services.  Using Google Adwords, we can potentially display your ads to thousands of Google users who already show intent or curiosity in your business due to the nature of their Google search.  These ads can be specifically targeted from 1-mile radii to entire cities, regions or even to entire countries.  We work with you, your marketing manager, and / or your website professional to coordinate campaign structures, keyword sets, and ad copy to target a particular audience, and bring highly relevant traffic to your website.  
By analyzing the historical data of account performance, we gain certain insights and use what we learn from traffic patterns to accomplish better metrics on a month to month basis.  This management approach accomplishes such goals as:
     >  the lowest possible cost-per-click,
     >  the highest possible ad position,
     >  the most marketable ad copy,
     >  and produces tangible results. 

Monthly reports of traffic, clicks, impressions, and other key metrics prove how well the traffic from PPC users perform and convert into clientele. Give us a call to discuss a custom plan to fit the budget you have in mind.

Designing a website -

Creating a well-designed web site will influence how people perceive your business, and makes it easier for customers to learn about the products and services you offer. A Web site can also bring you more business when people search the Internet looking for what you have to offer.

Affordable, professional web design -
Don't exhaust your small business budget on a high-priced, private web designer. EDGE3 can give you the same results for a fraction of the price. Choosing us, a local small business, will mean you never have to worry about tracking down your web designer or being left with a website design and no support.  If you are in our local area, we can meet at your office or ours to discuss your web content, and get a 'feeling' for what you have in mind. If you are not local to us we can handle all your design ideas via telephone & email.

Capabilities -
EDGE3 can provide all the necessary royalty free photos, clip-art, sound-bytes, special fonts, or any other ELEMENT you deem necessary to produce a site that meets your budget.  We use all of the latest tools from Microsoft, Adobe, Google, etc. to make a great site for your company.  We can use your own materials and photos OR we will take the photos, and create the content.  You really don't even have to do anything but approve the work.

Costs -
Very simple.  You set the budget, period.  We will work on a flat bid basis, or a pay as you go process.  There will be a small up-front fee to get us started, and you are off and running to see your group or company on the web!

If you are considering a website or need to update your current site, please give us a call,
you will be happy that you did.

Domain Name -
What's in a name? Everything!. Picking out just the right business name and website name is as much an art as it is LUCK.  Why?  Planet Earth is using up domain names at the rate of 1 name every 2 seconds.  So luck is a bit of a factor when securing your new domain name.  EDGE3 can help with this task, or you can get one yourself.  We are an affiliate of 1&1 Internet, one of the largest hosting and name registration companies in the US.  If you want to secure your name NOW, go head - click on our affiliate link OR just tell us to get it done for you.  Have it your way. Remember, we include all charges associated with getting a domain name, in the price of any website development order from you.

edge3 affiliate  this link is for Domain Names

Hosting -

After we design your website, you will need a place (server) on the internet to hold your pages so that visitors will see them.  This is called hosting.  There are hundreds of companies that provided this kind of service.  EDGE3 has it's pages hosted by 1&1 Internet.  As described above, they are one of the largest and most secure places that provides hosting.  We are affiliated with 1&1 and are familiar with how they operate client control panels and the manner at which we FTP your pages to their servers.  The annual costs to host a small business website has been in the area of $100.00 per year, on average.  This cost depends on many factors.  EDGE3 will cover these factors with your when you contract with us to get your site developed.  Obviously hosting is part of getting your new website exposed to the world.  Please click on the below link to set up hosting.  We suggest selecting the Business hosting package.

edge3 affiliate  this link is for website hosting
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